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Such interesting times we live in
Fascinating almost
Times, which are shaped by

Of things, topics and theories
What tweet, forward or picture you share,
Clothes you wear,
Gender you relate to,
Time of the day or night you have stepped out,
Food you eat,
Words you said,
And the ones you didn’t.

Of all kinds, types and wings — Left and Right, Right and Left
With a hollow Centre
Like a kid whose parents are pulling at her arms towards extremes
Stretching, to the point of breaking
One muscle, vein and bone at a time.

Of all politics, propaganda and parity
Shoved down your throat
Like the morsel you could do very well without
The hate that muddies an already polluted river
And it pulls you down
Drown even.

Of hit, hatred and hindrance
Them and you; not us
Hearts that are strangled in-between
Heads that are told to differentiate
Hands that don’t quiver before causing harm.

Of absence
Differences that were never there
Questions that were never asked
Answers that were never heard.

Of you
The fist you clench when you read about an attack
The tear that finds its way out when you see a kid in the remains of a blast
The step you almost took to fix the garbage issue in your neighborhood
The rant you started typing but never finished
The deep sigh you take when people tell you the world is coming to an end.
Hold on to it.
We need it.
More than ever.

Of hope
Of love
Of care
Of possibilities
Of a better tomorrow. Of a better you. Of a better us.

The world is waiting for
those 140 characters,
that meme you found funny,
the hoax you wanted to call just that,
that moment when you wanted to stop someone from littering,
the time you see a wrong and want to set it right.

Take that clenched fist, mobile, heart, tear and voice that you have
and do something
the world awaits
just the way you await
for it to fix itself
with a sigh.

Dharmaraj Solanki, CF Member, jots down his insightful thoughts post attending the #NotInMyName protest that was held in Bandra

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