Have you ever planned a party with your friends? Maybe you were in-charge of arranging the food and Friend #1 helped out with the guest list. Perhaps Friends #2 and #3 ensured the house was clean before the guests came and Friend #4 spent a week picking out the perfect songs for the playlist.

The party itself is a great event and everyone ends up having fun. But the planning part isn’t so bad either, because you’re all working on it together. Because you are all equally excited for everything to come together. Because you are not doing something you have to, you’re doing something you want, something you believe in. This is what it feels like to be a ConnectFor team member and organize a CF Community event.

Tomorrow, we will be putting on our February event called “Date with Dogs!” We will be making our way to the Thane SPCA Animal Hospital at 11 am and facilitating volunteer interactions with the dogs at the center. Most of these dogs have been victims of animal cruelty issues and therefore, may not be in the best shape. Hence, we will be having someone from Thane SPCA deliver a talk to the volunteers about animal welfare issues.

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We started planning this event about a month ago, which is when we made a checklist of all the things that needed to be done before the event and decided on the people responsible for the completion of these tasks. Since then, it’s been a wonderful feeling every time someone gets to go to the Google Sheet to change status to “Completed”. We coordinated with the incredibly hard-working Thane SPCA team, we created collateral for the event, and we marketed the event to volunteers and confirmed their attendance. We had fun checking all of these boxes.

Today, a day before event, we have had a team debrief about the team’s responsibilities and everyone has left the office with the promise to meet early on a Saturday morning with the same kind of enthusiasm that we all have while doing our jobs. That spirit is what ConnectFor is about. It’s what naturally happens when your co-workers are also your friends.

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