Why don’t we Volunteer?

You may like to volunteer, but not everyone does! Here are the top reasons why many people don’t volunteer:

  • The classic excuse: “I don’t have time: Simple but true. We live in a busy world where people are involved in many things. But if you were given a few more hours in a day what would you chose to do? Would volunteering be your first choice? Probably not. The most common reason for not volunteering is a lack of free time. So, what’s the best solution for this excuse? Make volunteering more accessible and automatic. In other words, plan for events during the weekends so it’s easier for volunteers to participate! Here are some events you can volunteer on weekends.
  • I do not like traveling: Going off of the “I don’t have time” excuse, we all lead busy lives between work, family, friends and other commitments that come with them. Adding “it’s too far” is another issue that we face. As we know that traveling in India is not fun, so having a volunteering commitment on the other side of town is a bit annoying! However, there are ways where you can help by volunteering from home! Ultimately, you decide what works best for you and your lifestyle. Here are the opportunities that you can volunteer for from your home.
  • I don’t have enough information and most volunteer roles aren’t interesting: Another very common reason is that people don’t have enough information about where to volunteer, or if they do, the job itself isn’t meaningful. For example, the younger volunteers are more motivated by preparing for the future-such as increasing skills, knowledge, and advancing their careers. On the other hand, the older generation is looking forward to extending their skills and knowledge by having a meaningful experience. When a role isn’t interesting no volunteer is interested in participating. That’s why ConnectFor provides a permanent solution. ConnectFor makes sure they are matching skills and experiences of their volunteers to the roles that have available. We discuss the background of the potential volunteer to closely match it to the needs they have. 9 causes to volunteer for.
  • “I was never asked,” Many people say that they don’t volunteer because no one asked them to; so let’s ask! Organizations that are most successful at recruiting and retaining volunteers get volunteers who are capable and interested in growing their skills, talents, and curiosity. Volunteers who want to feel included in the goals of the organization and their work are valued and appreciated. So, if you know a friend who volunteers, ask them and get started! Click here to begin your volunteering journey.
  • “I don’t know where to start” Another cause for reluctance is that potential volunteers don’t clearly understand where to begin or what they are being asked to do. People tend not to volunteer because it takes too much work to find out what it’s all about. Well, here at ConnectFor we’re here to make the initial process much easier! Just tell us what you’re interested in and things you want to do to grow as a person, and leave the rest to us! That’s how easy it is!
  • I do not prefer direct interaction with beneficiaries: Sometimes it’s not the “work” that scares volunteers, it’s the thought of socializing with other volunteers. Some volunteers do not feel comfortable getting out of their comfort zone. Surrounding yourself with new and diverse people can be challenging and awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will feel more comfortable! So, what can you do to overcome this fear? Set goals. Set a goal that this could be something you do everyday — meet a new person, explore a new part of a city, learning a new language, etc. Whatever your goal is make sure it stretches you beyond the borders of your comfort zone. Make yourself comfortable with diversity, with a difference, with trying new things and experiencing a variety of ways of living life

At ConnectFor we will be sure to contact you and give you something to do, especially an activity that matches your interests and expertise. We recognize the importance of building a team of volunteers because there are many reasons to get involved! We will not let you down. Feel free to reach out to us for further information on how you can get involved!

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