Why Children & Youth Matter

The birth of a child is the highest moment of appraisal in parent’s life, especially the mother. Dating back to the ancient time, till the contemporary period there are varied events depicting the valor of children. Every child represents a new idea, new perspective, and countless innocence leading to a bundle of curiosity. They are the ones in whom we can sow the roots of development and reap the fruits leading to prosperity. A child molded with virtuous values turns to be a responsible youth and consequently proves to be a boon to the country. Irrespective of the fact that, the practicality of situation suggest the ignorance towards shaping the future of the country, some aspects presently have changed since past few years.

The policy towards children is gaining significance with time. There is a realization of the importance of the role the children play in bringing about a change in society. Attaining the position of one of the most populous country, India is exceptional in the fact that, there are higher number of young people comprising the population. This suggests that, a potential to contribute towards the development and rational thinking or rather, a change in the conventional practises is effortlessly present at our doorstep. Then the question arises that, why are we turning oblivious to this fact?

Resources already present, will definitely contribute to the country’s progress. It is crystal clear that, they are an inspiration for the generations to come. The children of the country develop their foundation based on the observation of the opportunities taken advantage of in the past. The more positivity the youth reflects, the brighter shall be the future of the country, thus, contributing towards prosperity. However, they are being portrayed with a negative practicality resulting in stagnant or rather degrading the impact on the country, which prolongs with time. No doubt that with time the traditional mess is clearing up, slowly stepping towards the growth and development of children. Yet the ignorance and the pace at which we realise the significance of these two inter-related issues will entirely shape the future of the country’s potential. So will it be utilized to its best or wasted for the worst is an account awaited. Rectifying the traditional attitudes towards the children especially girls, and protecting the child rights can augment optimistic attitude of masses, resulting in growth of country’s potential. Right attitude and right actions by parents, training institutions and the country’s policy makers shall contribute in betterment of the child’s personality and consequently, aid to accomplish the country’s goals.

Today, it is in our hands whether to exploit the available opportunity and utilize, maintain and water the seeds to bear the fruit or wastefully step towards degrading the future of the country. To do your bit, volunteer with children and youth, by exploring opportunities here.

Aditi is passionate about nurturing our future. This is also the first time she has ever written a blog!

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