What It Takes To Be A Changemaker

We are in a state of constant motion. From the buzz within our minds to the revolution of planets and the life that teems about, hardly anything is ever static. It is a continuous movement that keeps the world turning. Literally.

Being part of a society that is dynamic because of the interaction and interdependence it entails makes all of us agents of change. Each of us may contribute to the flux that surrounds us given our intrinsic potential and capacities. Amongst us, it is the changemakers who ensure that societal revolutions are headed in a positive direction.

Through our senses, we are often made aware of people, places, and animals that exist in a less than optimal condition. Even the inefficient and/or corrupt manner in which systems work may alarm us. In any case, they evoke an urgency, these terrible states, which often dies down once the saddening stimulus of these images fades away.

But the responsibility of being a witness is a heavy one. And it helps greatly that all of us, you and me included, are rational beings with a capacity to evaluate what a situation needs and what we are able to do.

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Disillusionment comes easy in the face of the gross misallocation of social and financial power. It is easier for someone to say that making a difference is not up to them rather than put forth a statement that does reinforce a productive change. However, let me emphasise that we needn’t lift mountains. We can each act in a way that will create a parallel to the existing reality and thus bring a 180-degree shift, even if it’s a small one. While the scale of what we do matters, we are not out to rescue a cause all by ourselves. It is our collective participation that accumulates into a larger impact.

Most of us are equipped with the faculties and resources necessary to further the well-being of all existing lives within our society. Some of those may be:

•The sensitivity that urges awareness about the state of things,

•The willingness to initiate change,

•The time to dedicate our presence to what concerns us,

•The knowledge required to intelligently execute plans,

•An individual talent through which we may facilitate support and progress in a certain way.

As the species that are responsible for the workings of ecosystems, governments, and most everything on earth, we are also obligated to ensure that what we do is beneficial, safe, and progressive in its nature. This is where the urgency of being changemakers comes in.

You may shelter an animal in pain, or use your voice for those that can’t speak. You may teach a kid to write, or write to propel a movement forward. The possibilities of what you, as you are, could bring to the world and its inhabitants are abundant. There are varied, strange, small, and big ways in which each of us can come to the forefront and cultivate within ourselves the strength to carry a burden that is not apparently ours.

Our services and actions are measured not only in the difference they create, but also the ripples they spur. Without ever fully knowing, we may be helping out a fellow being toward greater joy. In the spirit of this thought, let us extend our arms to better the world we inhabit and find that when they finally come back to our sides, that they were part of the construction of a better era.

This post was researched and articulately put together by one of our content writers — Haalah Shaikh.

An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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