Waves of Volunteerism — Bye Bye Monsoon!

29 Aug 2017, just felt like another rainy day for me as for every fellow Mumbaikar. Watching the rains lash the window, hearing the sound of the breeze I did not anticipate what the day was going to be ahead. There was something unusual that I felt with the rains that day but then like every Mumbaikar i decided to just carry on being positive about it. It was just in a matter of few hours news started coming in about water logging in various parts of the city. Mumbai’s lifeline — the local train’s services were affected and shut, schools were getting shut and people had started going back to home. Messages were circulated about heavy rains in the next few hours and people were advised to venture out only if required.

With the hope that I will reach home I left from office along with a colleague via road. Little did I know that this will turn into hours of being stranded on road, wading through water logged areas, being stuck for hours in the traffic. On one hand the rains seems never ending whereas on the other hand the spirit of this city and citizens is never dying out. People were out of their homes trying to help people walk through the water logged areas, handing over tea and eatables, providing shelter, transportation. The monsoons brought the best of volunteerism spirit in everyone. Sharing a few grabs from media of how people volunteered their help in whatever possible way they could:

On a day of heavy rain, how strangers in Mumbai opened their hearts and homes to help one another” — Huffpost, 30/8/2017

Mumbai shows its true spirit again, as citizens come forward to help people stuck in the rain” — it News, 29/8/2017

These small acts of kindness have a huge impact. It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day a little better and your day will almost certainly be better for it too. We all have that spark within us, we all can contribute to our community by volunteering no matter how small or large that contribution may seem it is always valued. Individual social responsibility is the need of the hour to see and bring the change we all want to see in our city, neighbourhoods and communities.

There are many ways you can help by giving your time and talent/skill as a volunteer. Don’t wait for a rainy day! You can look at these current volunteering opportunities where you can contribute, learn and enjoy immediately — http://www.connectfor.org/opportunities :)

Nilofur Mulla is a member of the CFTeam, and both benefitted and saw the benefits of the kindness of strangers during Mumbai’s torrential rain on 29th August, 2017.

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