Wanted: Annual Report Creator on Urgent Basis

Udaan was meant to receive a volunteer who had committed to design their Annual Report for the year 2014–2015; however, at very last minute, the volunteer dropped out, and Udaan had no replacement for the same. They were in a time crunch and had to find someone urgently to take on this entire project. Given the highly skilled nature of the opportunity, Mamta (Founder, Udaan Foundation) called her ConnectFor Point of Contact (CF POC) and asked them to help find someone who could work on the project immediately.

The CF Team got to work on matching this opportunity. They went through the profiles of the registered volunteers and narrowed down on about 5 prospective volunteers for the same. Each of them was emailed the details of the opportunity and given the choice to commit for the same. The response was amazing! Within 24 hours, 2 people had shown interest in volunteering to complete the opportunity for Udaan.

Of the two, we chose Drashti Sheth, a recent graduate from Central St. Martins College in London, who had studied graphic design, and who lived in Powai (where Udaan is located). Quickly Mamta and Drashti were acquainted over email, after which began their relationship of working together. It ended up being a perfect match — and the Annual Report was successfully completed and both Drashti and Mamta were extremely happy with the end product. Drashti had given over 100 hours of her time to the project, and ended saving Udaan a pretty penny through her volunteering efforts!

Find opportunities where you can add value on www.connectfor.org

See Drashti’s work, and read more about Udaan through their annual report.

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