Volunteering from New York City — Mansha’s Story

After completing high school in Bombay in 2009, I moved to America for college, and have been living here since. I majored in Digital Media Design at UPenn, but now I work in a much more technical field. I signed up to ConnectFor after they posted their landing page on Facebook, but I didn’t really expect to be able to do anything from here; much sooner than I’d expected though, someone from the CF team got in touch with me and asked me whether I’d be interested in design campaign material, like posters, for an organisation called Robin Hood Army (which I wasn’t familiar with), who worked on food distribution.

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My experience with ConnectFor was great. As a New Yorker, I find it challenging to contribute to social causes in India. In my experiences with NGOs in the past, I have been involved with performing standard activities that rarely leverage the skills I have to offer. ConnectFor allowed me to use my graphic design background and add true value to an NGO. More importantly, I gained the satisfaction of giving back without the apprehension around whether my contribution is “going into the right hands”.

I would definitely recommend ConnectFor, and look forward to the next opportunity I complete with them!

Mansha is a customer analyst, working with with Blue Apron, in New York City.

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An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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