Volunteer Experience: From Volunteering to Marketing for Annamrita, Suraj’s Story

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What started with the purpose of completing a required number of hours volunteering with an NGO turned into a full fledged passion to do more work with them.

“I started my 2 month internship with Annamrita last year. I had no idea about their massive scale of operations and got connected to them thanks to ConnectFor.” ConnectFor is an online volunteering platform that bridges the gap between volunteers and NGOs by making matches based on NGO requirements and volunteer preferences/skillsets.

“I joined Annamrita with the purpose of understanding the inner functionings of an NGO. This was my first time volunteering with an NGO and I had no idea what to expect.“ says Suraj.

Suraj completed his Engineering and will be pursuing his Masters from abroad. We wanted to engage him with production inputs considering his background but from the day he joined he seemed to be completely engrossed in Operations and Social Media.

“Once I joined Annamrita I visited the Mira Road kitchen as well. They run large kitchens very efficiently and in a structured manner. I got involved in their social media campaigns and database management. Annamrita gave me a chance to experience first-hand, the tribulations and successes an on ground NGO undergoes every single day. I didn’t even realize when my 8 weeks changed to 11 and it was time to leave. But my experience did not come to an end there so a few months later when I was informed of a temporary vacancy role in the Marketing team, I happily grabbed the opportunity to work with them full time.

This time around I got more into events, I was a part of their flagship khichdi drive programs which are held in various corporate houses as a means to raise funds and create an awareness about Annamrita. I was a part of other collaborative events like the Heinz Christmas party and the Gitanjali Jewels — Special Kids celebration day. They also gave me the opportunity to attend a training workshop on Fundraising at SP Jain Institute of Management Studies.

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Within a short span of time Suraj became a part of the team, providing support wherever required. He spent another 6 months with the NGO building up the events portfolio.

“I enjoyed the experience and would encourage more youngsters to come forward to learn from this project. It is such a great learning experience, I will treasure this always. Thank you Annamrita.”

-An extract from Annamrita’s Newsletter

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