Using technology to volunteer

Every bright and shiny novice moving into the city to chase the corporate wagon has overprotective parents sitting back home with their smug faces, thinking you’ll come crawling back at the first sign of trouble. Don’t you just love it when at your first call they immediately assume you need help doing laundry or cooking and you turn around and proclaim that Urban Clap or Swiggy took care of that for you? Technology has really simplified things for the young Indian, hasn’t it? So much you can get done at the touch of a button. And the fact that the internet in India is at its economic competitive best, doesn’t hurt one bit.

Choices, choices, one has access to so much these days, it really comes down to what one wants to do with these abundant resources. Thankfully, a socially responsible Indian does have very many avenues to contribute to society and thereby self, even in midst of a global pandemic.

There are tons of digital platforms out there that will let you dive into causes of your choice. Did you know that there was a celebrated campaign called BeMyEyes that enabled people to reach out to aid the Blind online? And Translators Without Borders helps rehabilitate refugees using resources online? And of course, the UN Online Volunteers program needs no introduction.

The groundbreaking technological growth today has given a podium for people like you and me to make a difference, by enabling you to join causes close to your heart and help out virtually at flexible hours, contribute in your own domain, without continental barriers, whilst getting to interact with likeminded passionate people.

Yes, the revolutionary movement has started long before and will carry on for times to come, the question is do you want to jump on board?

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