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I have often thought about education for those less privileged than me, but I have never been able to find a way to initiate it. If you’re anything like me, you will be ever so grateful to be acquainted with an NGO like Udaan India Foundation. They give you the opportunity to impact education and literacy in India on a large scale.

Approximately 22% of the total population in India is below poverty line. And about 26% of our population is illiterate. The ones who can read this article over the internet are blessed to have received education and resources. However, the national scenario is quite different.

We all see children begging on the streets. We all feel bad for them. We all want to make their situations better. But then, life goes on and we tend to forget about that momentary spark of passion and we retire to our daily routines.

But today, I urge you not to let that spark die down. Take your phone out. Visit www.connectfor.org and volunteer with Udaan India Foundation today. It’s the worth the effort I promise!

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

- Benjamin Franklin

Udaan’s philosophy reflects almost the same thought as Franklin’s. It doesn’t only direct your skills in an efficient way, but it involves both the ends tremendously to produce wonders. Here are some additional details about the organization.

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Ø It was founded in August 2004 with only 26 children.

Ø It was officially registered under the name ‘Udaan India Foundation’ in 2009.

Ø It has catered to more than 800 students till date.

Ø It was founded with the intent to educate underprivileged children, and t provide them with holistic education.

Ø The organization takes their students through a developing expedition of foundation to employment.

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Udaan India Foundation: programs on field

Ø Udaan has divided its programs into two road categories:

§ Programs held for children of age group 4–16

§ Programs held for youth from 16–21

Ø Under the age group of 4–16, they have various programs like:

§ Learning centre for students who haven’t attended municipal schools.

§ School support program and Scholarship program for students already enrolled in municipal schools.

§ Spoken English at primary level etc.

Ø Under the age group of 16–21, the programs carried out are:

§ Skill enhancement program like Computer literacy, Spoken English, Vocational courses, Offer Internship etc.

§ Mentoring programs for working towards a career path.

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Experience incredible volunteering

Udaan is an organization with super flexible volunteering fields and volunteering hours.

Ø They take one time event volunteers for different fields.

Ø Individual as well as corporate volunteers are welcomed.

Ø The most common volunteering field being teaching in Udaan requires teachers for English, Social Science, and Science etc.

Ø Volunteers from any field can prove helpful to the organization.

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