Thoughts from our Founders — March 2020

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To the ConnectFor Readers

In the wake of the coronavirus and the onset of the closure of this financial year, ConnectFor pledges to curate all upcoming opportunities, by taking every measure possible to ensure compliance with the advice from medical authorities and the Government of India to safeguard the health of our volunteers which will be our highest priority. We are looking at the brighter side of the horizon, as we hope to consult firms across India on Employee Volunteering Programmes and plan activity engagements for them for the next fiscal year, with the hope that Covid-19 will soon be contained.

In the past month, we conducted Employee Volunteer Motivation Workshops for ITC across several cities in India. Through these workshops, we focussed on helping employees unravel the core need that drives them to volunteer.

Did you know that every person is driven by the Need to Affiliation, Achievement or Power. It’s important for corporates to identify each of these needs to stimulate employee volunteer participation and retention. Get in touch with us to know what truly lies in the heart of successful volunteer motivation.

In addition, with our NGO and Corporate partners growing in size, we are looking at encouraging a greater gamut of professional individuals to contribute their time and skill by the way of weekend, skill-based, remote or recreational volunteering opportunities.


Shloka Ambani & Maniti Shah

An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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