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I have been, both, volunteering and interning with the Kanchan Foundation for almost a month now. It has been an enjoyable experience so far, teaching the sweet little children there, who are quite notorious at the same time. With my passion for Arts, and education in Child and Clinical Psychology, I always wondered what it would be like working with an NGO and with kids. From the very first day at The Kanchan Foundation, the experience has been tremendous. Typically, my day involves working with kids and volunteers but also shadowing my very talented seniors. A positive environment, like this, has been inspiring.

When I had initially joined the Foundation, they had planned a Summer Camp for all the kids, to get them to learn something new and put their creativity to best use. I feel blessed to have been appointed on the very first day to teach these kids at the Summer Camp, which involved drawing and painting. It was creativity at its best! I discovered many hidden talents through this camp.

Dealing with kids is not easy, but one thing I’ve realized is, that these kids won’t ever be judgemental. They are sweet and innocent in their own ways. It sometimes gets tough to leave for the day, when you are surrounded by the warmest of people. I thank my seniors for being as helpful as they have been and for imparting knowledge.

It is really sad to see talented kids out there who do not have the resources to pursue their dreams. It’s times like these when we start appreciating our parents for doing as much as they have for us.

My message to every individual is: Try your hand at volunteering. Trust me, the level of happiness and satisfaction of doing something good for the less fortunate, is much higher than you can image. I’ve admired the high quality of work done by some people, and the diligent transfer of knowledge to other individuals and organizations. I look forward to enjoying the rest of my time interning with the Foundation.

Our very joyful #CFVolunteer, Simran Nadkarni, has been successfully #volunteering with The Kanchan Foundation and at the same time started an #internship with the organization.

To apply for a volunteering opportunity/internship, visit the ConnectFor platform:

An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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