To that kid at the traffic signal, give a coloring book

To that colleague having a bad day, give a smile

To that problem you have in life, give thought

To the house/office help, give a day off
To the stray outside your house, give a packet of biscuits
To your long-lost friend, give a hug

To someone who has had a loss, give warmth
To someone who has cheated on you, for-give
To someone who is grieving or struggling, give time

To someone who is facing a tough time, give a pat.

Give not to receive,
Give, not because you can,

Give, not for them/others,

Give, not out a favor,
But to give yourself hope.

Give not because someone is under or over,
giving doesn’t discriminate,

its is a privilege in itself,
a privilege to be more human
a giving one.

Do yourself a favor, give.

This Daan Utsav you can also find more ways to give. Check this out the following links to give instantly!

  1. Paint Train Station
  2. Conduct Collection Drive
  3. Help an NGO man a Petrol Pump

This poem was written by Dharmaraj Solanki, a ConnectFor employee who is passionate about duathlons and bugs.

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