I didn’t choose the digital life, the digital life chose me!

Moving from a digital agency to an NGO start-up with no experience at all in the social sector was obviously a daunting thought. Going from working with a team of almost a 100 to 10 did not help either. Here’s my experience working at a digital agency for almost a year and with an NGO start-up for well, almost a week.

I have had a one-of-a-kind experience with Schbang Digital Solutions; a handful of brands to work on, a motivated team and super chill mentors. Not everyone can say they worked with Asian Paints their first month into joining the job market. While my role was to specifically manage social media for brands that were assigned, I had the opportunity to discover other fields within the digital space in the short duration I worked there. That’s not to say that I have mastered it all yet.

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Shortly after departing Schbang, I joined an NGO start-up, ConnectFor. It’s been a week since I joined and I’m just starting to learn that I don’t have knowledge about the social/development space. So then why exactly did I join ConnectFor? ConnectFor is a digital platform that is helping volunteers connect with NGOS, trying to bring in a volunteering culture in India. I still wanted to continue doing something in the marketing space and applying the knowledge and skills that I acquired at Schbang to my next workplace, and at the same time do something to give back to the society in some way or the other.

ConnectFor being a start-up was the perfect option considering I could use my previous skills while acquiring new ones. And I haven’t been this right — since I have joined (let me remind you it’s been just a week) I have only been learning something new every single day, whether it’s about the social sector, about marketing or personal growth.

Nikita Shah is currently working on creating bitmoji lookalikes for everyone on the ConnectFor team.

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