Tara, Lalya, and the ripples of kindness

Meet Lalya (in Hindi: the red one) — this handsome boy named after his colour.

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He is a kitten who lives around the CST subway. The first time I saw him, he was scrawny and hungry. Over the months, however, his tummy has filled in and he’s made friends with a special human.

Now meet Lalya with Tara Rai. I see them often on my way home. The kitten and the lady are good friends. From the minute she is around till the time she goes home, he will be found sitting next to her. You will even see Lalya sleeping on her lap — careless and happy!

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Something super wonderful has given rise to this bond.

The first time I saw these two, Lalya was eating dry cat food that the very kind woman had brought. Upon talking to Tara I learnt that she brings cat food with her everyday and feeds the cats she encounters. And it’s not just the cats, she even feeds the dogs.

Further enquiry ensued, and Tara told me about a woman (who happens to be a veterinarian) who provides her with cat food regularly. Bless the woman and Tara.

The vet even neuters/spays stray animals to keep overpopulation in check.

Neither Tara nor the vet have to undertake superhuman tasks to make a difference that lasts. The only thing these two lovely people do is tap into their inherent kindness and go the extra mile to feed and tend to the animals around them. The chain that is spurred by one helpful deed results in an impact that is greater than one would expect. The veterinarian’s contributions and Tara’s diligence and love keeps these animals healthy and fed.

And it never stops! These actions snowball into kindness that actually brings about change. We all carry with ourselves an abundance of resources that would turn a life around. The only thing needed to activate altruism is perhaps a little cat food and Tara’s reminder that passing it on branches off into a very happy and chubby Lalya (plus his bandmates).

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