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Not so many years ago (or so I would like to believe) I was a young eager fresher looking to develop my skills, put my theoretical knowledge into good use and gain some real world experience. Little did I know how difficult it was to get a good internship. I sent my resume to several corporates with no reply and finally I asked my parents to find me something to do at an “aunty” or “uncles” company.

Looking back I wish I had the option of choosing an internship that would actually help me build my skills and add value to the place I worked at. I wish I had the opportunity to build my resume while doing good for someone in return.

Drawing from my experiences from when I was an intern and from understanding how understaffed NGOs/NPOs are, along with the business development team at ConnectFor, we have created an internship program that will match interns to specific pre-scoped projects based on their qualifications and areas of interest.

Here is a list of curated internships students can choose from:

1. Graphic Design — In today’s world design is of utmost importance — it speaks about a brand, the work culture and the work an organisation is doing. A lot of NGOs cannot afford professional graphic designers or design studios and are in need of designers who can create logos, annual reports, documents, letter heads, and brand guidelines for them! Students will be given a lot creative freedom and will be shaping the brand identity of the organisation!

2.Creative Support — In the world of Digital Media, content is key. NGOs are also looking to create a digital presence and they are looking for bright young minds that will lead their social media efforts and generate contents for blogs, reports etc. This is a great way for students, who are passionate about digital marketing or creative writing, to get a real world-like experience!

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3.Statistical Support — For all the tech students, engineers and mathematicians what better a way to spend your summer — help NGOs create and streamline their existing databases so that they can see and value the impact they are creating.

4.Summer Workshops — As kids do you remember going for summer classes to learn art, dance, puppetry? The underprivileged children too would love to spend their summer learning these skills from you! If you are a dancer, musician, artist or simply just passionate about teaching and children — sign up with one of our NGOs to refine your skills and make it a fun summer for these kids!

5.Website Development- What better way to utilize and improve your coding and web design skills than helping build out a website for an NGO and help them save ~Rs.50,000–1,00,000. Also imagine saying that you a website for an NGO on your resume.

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6.Research- NGOs are in need of a lot of researchers! Put on your thinking caps on and help NGOs with market analysis, corporate database creation and legal research! This will be a great opportunity for skill building especially for students applying for further studies.

7.Business- Like any other organisation, an NGO can also benefit from having a finance and accounts team, a human resources team and someone to help with business development. A great way to kickstart your career would be to intern with an NGO and build your business skills!

This year make the most of your Summer holidays — intern with one of ConnectFor’s NGO partners!

CF Founder, Maniti Modi, recounts her experiences as an intern and how that lead to our Summer Internship programme. Find out more about each internship here:

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