School Trip Chaperones — 321 Schools

321 Schools was looking for volunteers to chaperone their students on a field trip to Taraporewala Aquarium. ConnectFor offered to find volunteers for them, in what was our first ever matching trial!

By connecting with students at H.R. College, through the Enactus group, ConnectFor managed to find the volunteers requested by 321 Schools.

The experience was described as “amazing,” by the coordinator, Rima,from the school, who added that they had “5 volunteers, who were all kind and courteous.”

One of these students, Ashika Rele, said the experience was “really fun, the kids were so cute” and that she “enjoyed spending time with them, while also getting a chance to visit the Aquarium” for the first time since it had been redone.

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321 Education Foundations works on addressing the addressing the problem of inequity in educational quality in India.

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