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Celebrating Volunteer Recognition Day 2019

Today’s blog is a bit different. Instead of sharing volunteer opportunities, today we are going to recognize the positive impact our own volunteers have made. Here are a few examples:

  1. Mother-daughter bond: In this video, a mother shares how she and her daughter had an incredible opportunity planting trees for the environment. She quotes, “age was a matter in this experience, but I am still young at heart. Let me put this age factor on the side, and let me go ahead and do it”. Wow! If this doesn’t scream motivation, I don’t know what does!
  2. Volunteering with Friends: Volunteer to make a difference. But, volunteering with friends makes the experience even more memorable. By volunteering you are connecting to others and become less absorbed in the normal stresses of daily lives. You are building community, ending loneliness, increasing socializing, building bonds and creating friends, and developing emotional stability. So why not achieve all these things with a friend? The more the merrier! Here is how Dhvani and Olenka spent time by Volunteering which in turn strengthen their bond.
  3. Age Doesn’t Matter: Age truly doesn’t matter. Volunteering at this age prevents loneliness and reduces symptoms of depression. Volunteering can make you feel that you are using your time wisely and that you are constantly staying busy. Lastly, volunteering can make the elderly feel that they are connected to the youth or the younger generation, which is imperative in today’s day and age! Here is a story of Colonel T Sundaram.
  4. Volunteering with Colleagues: Employee volunteer programs are reported to drive employee engagement and are said to instill greater employee satisfaction, higher morale and, as a result, pronounced productivity and profitability? While these benefits have been repeatedly proven and extolled, there are several more little-known ones, which tend to be more personal. An uncontested one though, is that volunteering is seen to be a great use of one’s time. Here’s a team of employees from EdleGive who volunteer with ConnectFor on the weekends for beach cleanups, seed ball making, and much more! Inspiring right?
  5. Passion Turns into Volunteering: Vismay shares his story of how his passion for photography turned into volunteering as a photographer! Vismay loved capturing special moments. He has volunteered as a photographer for various ConnectFor events! Read more about his story here.
  6. Sports Meets Passion: Tanveer works for a Sports Foundation, where he trains kids from different areas and teaches them how to play Football. His foundation has partnered with ConnectFor to plan various events where children are given the opportunity to play different sports. Watch the video to see how much of a positive impact Tanveer is making!
  7. Graphic Design Turns Into A Job: ConnectFor teamed up with Schbang to give underprivileged students an opportunity to showcase their art, design, and graphic design knowledge. During the course employees from Schbang volunteered to teach these kids and at the end of this course, one student got the opportunity to work for Schbang based on the hard work, dedication, and art. Read one of the success stories here!
  8. Father-daughter bond: Nothing can beat a father-daughter bond. In this picture, you can see how a father and daughter are working together to plant trees for the environment. As infants grow into the toddler stage, they go through different stages that help them learn, by connecting to the world around them. Similarly, parents help the same children to nurture a tree. This process of cultivating the tree as it grows allows the child to learn the importance of taking care of the tree and living things in general.

Here are a few volunteers (of the very many) who are recognized today because of their consistent dedication, hard work, and the positive impact they’ve had on their surroundings!

For more information or to participate in a volunteering opportunity, feel free to get in touch with us at ConnectFor ( We are just one click away!

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