Preservation of the Indian ocean and beaches

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The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world’s oceanic divisions, and comprises of 4 different seas and over 15 bays. 80% of the Indian Ocean is open and includes nine large marine ecosystems: the Agulhas Current, Somali Coastal Current, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, Gulf of Thailand, West Central Australian Shelf, Northwest Australian Shelf, and Southwest Australian Shelf. Two out of nine of these essential ecosystems directly affect India and it’s marine status, but are currently in grave danger.

Due to the rising temperatures and the climate crisis, the Indian Ocean has expanded by 20 centimetres each year in the last decade. Additionally, livestock within the ocean is being depleted at a colossal rate, due to the change in ambient temperature and overfishing. Along with this expansion, a recent study showed that there are over one trillion pieces of plastic floating around in the Indian Ocean, creating a high risk environment for the beings living there.

ConnectFor is taking great measures to reduce the adverse effects of this pollution through volunteering. In the past, we have organised 6 successful beach clean up activities as a part of our Weekend Volunteering programme, and are proud to be hosting our first Beach Clean Up Community Event on the 14th of September! Here, volunteers will be helping clean the Mahim beach in Mumbai and preserve our existing ecosystem.

ConnectFor offers other volunteering opportunities to help preserve our marine ecosystem. The sea brings back all the garbage that we dump into it mindlessly, and deposits it back to our shores. Be part of a local clean-up drive to help and bring your friends along for some fun! ConnectFor has a special ‘Environment’ cause vertical that attempts to bridge the gap caused due to the water crisis within Maharashtra, along with other environmental issues in our operating cities of Pune and Bengaluru. We are currently partnered with NGOs such as Jeevitnadhi Living River Foundation, Paani, Tahaan, and Anarde in Maharashtra. You too, can volunteer with these NGOs and make a difference in the future of our planet, no matter how big or small!

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