Pass the Kindness, please

I recall being 12. It was a glorious age by no means, but one cannot deny how fun the birthday parties were; full of frolic and games. A crowd-favorite was ‘Passing the Parcel’. The kids would all form a circle and there would be one gift-wrapped box handed over to one of the players. The box would make its way around the circle while the music played. Once it stopped, the person holding the box would be asked to leave the circle.

Essentially, your goal was to pass the box along as quickly as possible. You never wanted to leave the circle. But what if — and stick with me on this — I told you that the leaving the circle equates to happiness? What if you want the gift to land on you when the music stops?

Here’s a video that might explain my thought process a little bit more.

In the video, the ‘parcel’ that gets passed around is a good deed; a random act of kindness stretches itself across ages, races, people and professions. The person that receives it is instantly uplifted and therefore, not part of the monotonous circle anymore. Instead, they are now motivated change-makers who actively try to make others happy.

Part of the video’s title labels it ‘senseless acts of beauty’, and that’s what I believe life is all about anyway. It’s about giving when you can and however you can. No gesture is too big or too small, as long as it succeeds in spreading happiness. The video ends with the following words: Because kindness keeps the world afloat.

Are you going to start a chain of kindness and help keep the world afloat today?

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Greeshma Rajeev works at ConnectFor and will watch any and all inspiring YouTube videos that come her way.

An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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