One For The Ages (and the Aged!)

In India today, we have reservations for seniors in every form be it while travelling in a train or a bus or availing any facilities at a bank. Then why is it that we cannot reserve just a significant amount of space for them in our lives?

There are countless stories of the elderly, forgotten and abandoned by the families they once rasied, who seek to find new homes and to settle their lives in what should ideally be the time they are most cared for and looked after. NGOs play a critical role, providing them with alternatives, company, food, shelter and options to improve their lives, but nothing can replace the love of a home.

Senior citizens are the roots of our families, and our society, and they deserve to be treated with love and respect. It’s not hard to make them smile — and we’ve got some suggestions for you on just how to help them feel more cherished and celebrated, resulting in greater happiness and health for them and for you!

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1. Just casual conversations:

This is probably the easiest! Whether it’s at home, or on the train with you, or randomly in your building make it a point to start a conversation with them, talking about anything under the sun, be it cricket, your day at work, politics or bollywood! You will be surprised at the insights they may be able to offer, and how involved they will feel once you initiate the conversation.

2. Plan outings:

If you have elders in your family, try and plan regular excursions with them. It doesn’t need to be extravagant — a day trip, or a weekend getaway, plays or movies, everything works! Just make sure to account for their comfort and convenience during the journey, or activity, and you’ll never see someone have a better time.

3. Be Considerate:

It’s not rare to see someone in the need of a helping hand — whether it’s giving them a lift, or letting them go ahead of you in a long line, just think of little things that you can do to make life a little easier for them. Remember, being patient with them is the most important consideration you can give them.

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4. Encourage them to be part of some clubs:

A lot of people say, life starts after 60! Now, many people are healthy and happy but retired, so help them find great ways to pass their time like joining recreational clubs where they will be occupied and also get a chance to meet others and make new friends — yes even at that age. After all, you’re never too old to have a good time!

5. Spend Some Time Volunteering:

NGOs need volunteers all the time — if you don’t have any seniors around you (you’re missing out!!) so come interact with them and enjoy their enthusiasm and wisdom by spending time with them. ConnectFor’s organized an event just for that, so RSVP for it, and you’ll see what we mean!

It takes only a little bit of our time and effort to make a huge difference in another person’s life. The elderly deserve our love, respect and time more than anyone, so let’s all strive to be touch their lives through our thoughts, words, and deeds!

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Join ConnectFor to spread some love and cheer to the aged, as we celebrate Mother’s Day with them, on May 13, 2018. Bring your friends and family along!

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