One Connection At A Time

“Why are you whispering?”

That’s the first question I’m asked on all the phone calls I pick up now. I have been on a long sabbatical from work, and my friends and family have forgotten that I used to work at all. It’s exciting to tell them that I am in the office and hence, will return their calls once I reach home. Of course, no one thinks that it means I want to cut the conversation short — I just add fuel to their curious fire.

Office? Where? Full-time? How do you manage and finally So what do you do?…Hmm..Okay, we will check it out.

And I remember the first time I heard of ConnectFor. It was an article about two young women who set out to change the face of volunteering in India. I felt connected as they both were alumni from Dhirubhai Ambani International School. Meanwhile, I am that parent who attends most school meetings in a ‘Proud to be DAIS Mom’ t-shirt. Around the same period, I was pestering my friends who were involved in charity work, about their trusts and foundations and all the good work they were doing. The more I asked, the more I figured that a good number of people want to make a difference but mostly that work fell into categories where they were either collecting money for school books, bags, uniforms, drinking water etc. or collecting clothes and supplies for relief work. Joining them would entail asking people around if they would like to donate money or material for a worthy cause.

I circled back to that article

Here were two young women, in their twenties who thought of bringing structure to the chaos, order to the haphazard world of volunteering where even to do some good, you needed contacts and luck. “Luck” was needed to hear about the right opportunity at the right time. These courageous souls decided to forego exciting corporate life to try out something new. It was such a novel concept. The dots were all there: the NGOs, the opportunities with the NGOs, the volunteers, the volunteers who never figure out which opportunity exists. In the midst of all, ConnectFor to connect all these dots. Did I want to be part of this awesomeness or carry out some painful research on one more NGO where I had contacts?

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Let it be noted for posterity, that even though I was not wearing Nike shoes at that time, I imbibed their motto and just called up for an interview. After all, it is better to have tried and lost than never to have loved at all (go figure out how messed up this idiom is!) And my journey with this young enthusiastic team started.Whoever keeps on harping about the youth of today and how materialistic they are, need only stay with these guys to see how so many do-gooders gravitated to one place, connected by warm giving hearts and old happy souls — all set to make a difference in this world, one connection at a time!

Amisha Vora is ConnectFor’s Business Development Associate. Her move to ConnectFor may have made her CA shed tears, but we couldn’t be happier about it!

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An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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