On the Ground, but Flying

“To wear dreams on one’s feet is to begin to give a reality to one’s dreams.”

DBS has always been an ardent supporter of social causes, and with the support that Greensoles has received from DBS and their engagement with them, it became apparent that their impact could be doubled with intervention. Greensole recycles discarded footwear to provide shoes to those who need it most, thereby reducing waste in landfills and serving an unmet need for the less privileged. Greensole identified an Adivasi Ashram School, in the Gandul Wada Shahapur district where the children are not exposed to the luxuries of having decent shoes or even basic necessities that get taken for granted in a city like Mumbai.

The children live at the Ashram where they are provided Education, Healthcare and basic meals such as dal rice twice a day, but during their holidays they travel, by feet to their nearby village homes which takes them roughly 3–4 hours, walking. Unfortunately, these children didn’t have basic footwear to manage this journey, and that led very severe blisters and bruises and immense pain as they attempted the journeys without shoes. DBS worked with ConnectFor to create an activity for DBS employees to visit this ashram and distribute shoes to all the children there. In total, 300 pairs of shoes were given out, reaching every child that the Ashram served. DBS’s distribution of Greensoles shoes have helped these children not just by enabling them to meet their families, but also by putting the biggest smiles on their faces.

The response to DBS’s initiative was tremendously well received. All the people from the Ashram were incredibly kind and welcoming expressed their gratitude by a welcoming ceremony followed by a thank you speech. This speech outlined the dramatic impact this distribution would have on their children, and how it was such a thoughtful and much needed act — the shoes would give the children comfort during the ardous distance they cover, and give them relief from heat-related ill health. This was followed wonderful dance performed by the young girls of the ashram, after which the volunteers at the event were served a wholesome meal made with the vegetables grown at the Ashram!

The whole experience was overwhelmingly heartwarming and left all involved with a sense of gratitude toward the littlest things in life.

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