One man,who decided to donate a cupboard full of saris belonging to his mother after she left him on the journey of life, and his friend who inspired him to make the donation in a unique way, are the people behind ‘The Story of a Sari’ which took place in Kolkata.

Instead of taking bags full of sari and just dumping them at the doorstep of the first NGO he encountered, he made the journey of each sari special. And we, sitting in our ConnectFor office, got inspired and called our heroes to check if we could emulate them in Aamchi Mumbai! They were totally on board with it.

So there we were, brainstorming on both sides of the story…the supply and demand. The latter was easy to take care of, as we have 100+ NGO partners in our daily lives where we help them connect with Volunteers. We knew who worked with socially disadvantaged women and who would be receptive to this lovely idea! We even found some non-partner NGOs who were doing excellent work with these women, women whom society has chosen to either ignore or ill treat.

We decided to use the days coming upto Daan Utsav (we were touch with them for our various volunteering assignments) to create a campaign with proper outreach and spread the word about the joys of donating a Sari and creating a difference in the lives of some women. One of our partners, Animedh Charitable Trust, decided to use these gifts as part of their graduation ceremony. One of the NGOs decided to go the full Kolkata way — allowing us to make one day memorable for each of these women by making them look and feel beautiful and special in the festive season of Diwali!

So while we spend our year, trying to find the perfect match of our volunteers and NGO partners, we feel privileged to chance upon such a lovely idea and then lucky enough to execute it! We are so looking forward to seeing a smile of the face of these women, when they receive this small gift from our lovely and varied donors — both of them tied with the bond of that one sari which undertook the journey from a wardrobe of one woman to another on the festive day of Diwali!

Do check our FB page for more updates once Daan Utsav concludes this Oct 8th! If you are interested in being part of this story, do call us/Whatsapp on +91 7997347851 or email us at

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