“Ask nothing; want nothing in return. Give what you have to give; it will come back to you — but do not think of that now, it will come back multiplied a thousand fold — but the attention must not be on that. Yet have the power to give; so give willingly” — Vivekananda

While travelling through Mumbai local train everyday I come across lot of discussions, talks, debates and fights. I get to know people’s opinions, interests, and routines. I realized that no one talks of real sense of work joy or happiness in what they do. The satisfaction of work and rewards or the fact that I have done something or contributed somewhere is always missing. Well, while many feel bored with the regular things and routine they are in, all of a sudden in the middle of all these conversations of how ‘I was getting bored’ and ‘I just slept in all day’, etc., I hear a lady saying she had best weekend!

She explained how she had visited a shelter home distributed drawing books, taught and drew some paintings herself with the kids, she smiled with joy at the memories, and showed the photos to her friends. She had a different calmness and energy on her face while sharing that she had picked up a painting brush almost after 12 years.

Well in return to her satisfaction and joy of started painting again, it gave some meaning to the kids too, and hence was a win-win way of spending time. This time spent is actually a resource for organizations that are actively looking for resources to fit into the same, in order to reach more people with benefits, joy and those smiles.

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People have numerous passions they wish to pursue in life, but not everyone can turn their passions into careers or part of daily routine, hence weekend volunteering is one of the best ways to do so. While you also are fulfilling your passions but indirectly you are also donating your time to do so. Connect For is a platform where you are connected with the need that matters to you. Find your opportunities based on your hobbies, experience, passions and interests that will be matched with the existing needs. It is convenient, satisfying way to cap off traditional work week also it sends you off into the weekend feeling good.

I have learned that half the fun in volunteering is the joy of spending your time accomplishing a task with others. Whether you’re stacking books at school library, participating in clean-up drives, or running a class for street children at the end of the day what and where you helped become less important than the fact that you just got out and helped. One doesn’t feel the sense of happiness by just donation of money or material. The real pride and happiness comes when we have memories added to the timeline.

Volunteering in its essence is very powerful and important expression of our common community and empowers change across a spectrum. This comes in many different forms but whatever forms or structure it takes place volunteering makes a difference. Material and money donation cannot be compared with this as this resource can be gained and earned again but a person’s time is something that cannot be replaced. It is an expression of solidarity we should all encourage, recognize and support because this potential that people have is a renewable asset that needs to be tapped.

Let’s give learning to someone, meaning to our time, joy to our mind and pride to our heart by contributing our small amount of time.

Manasi is the Operations Lead for ConnectFor, and spends a lot of time (especially in the train) wondering about how to add value and meaning to everyday life.

An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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