…or so we thought. Till the surgical strike against black money was announced. Once that happened and people figured out that they were going to get most of their monetary requirements in large value notes, change became the need of the day. Change was in fashion and the previously orphaned ten rupee notes and coins were most sought after in the household. Luckily the news came after all the Diwali bonuses were handed off. Otherwise could you imagine the postman asking for Diwali tip being told to choose between getting hundred rupees or getting lost?

One amazing source of change turned out to be the poor child’s piggy bank. The other, of course, was opening all Raksha Bandhan and Diwali envelopes hoping someone had remembered to give 1101 and not just 1000! Old purses were turned inside out and zippers in those opened to see if some ten rupee note was lurking behind. The other least expected change was the fact that there were lines everywhere. To see Indians standing in a queue and not trying to jostle their way to the front of the line was in itself a big change of attitude. People started giving each other some credit, mostly shopkeepers to their loyal customers and some landlords to their tenants.

While people complained of business being down, there were some innovative shopkeepers who decided to jump on the credit card bandwagon immediately and sent the card swiping machine home with the delivery person. Can you imagine this happening anywhere in the developed countries? Fulfill your grocery requirement just in time (one hour before you think of starting your dinner) and yes, you don’t need to take your car out, park it a kilometer away from the shopping aisle, in the Walmart parking lot and then finish your daily 10000 steps before you get your daily bread!

So what has this lack of change brought upon us? A non-exhaustible bank of Whatsapp forwards, a lot of fodder for the news channels, some exposure to sunlight for some who have never seen the light in days and a lot of stress both for the very rich and the very poor. Everyone else has surprisingly taken it well in their stride. Change is needed, the sooner, the better.

So will this event change our lives in ways we are not able to foresee right now? Or will it simply make us appreciate the change we have in our purse? Will the people who do not pay any taxes realize that paying some tax is worth not repeating the sleepless nights they have spent this time around? Or will the status quo be restored, albeit with newer notes? Change is inevitable but before we deserve some change or complain about the process in which we are going to end up having it, do remember the following quote.

“Sometimes in the winds of change, we find our direction”

#Change #ConnectFor #Demonetization #Direction #SurgicalStrike


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