New Year’s Resolutions

2nd January, 2017, 10.00 am — It’s the first working day of the New Year! Everyone seems to be excited and motivated, and there is positive energy in the air. The Monday morning team meeting results in the team setting ambitious goals for the New Year. This is the start of the second year for ConnectFor and the team decides to reflect on our growth in 2016 and with a sense of satisfaction while resolving to aim for much more in the coming year.

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2nd January 2017, 1.00 pm — Its lunch time finally! Everyone has brought a healthy lunch, to stick by their New Year’s resolution “of being healthy, losing weight, eating right”. This of course, results in a heated discussion on our individual resolutions, and whether anyone will manage to actually fulfill theirs.

Here’s a brief transcript of said discussion:

D: Last year my resolution was to ‘take a step back and take a step forward’

G: Haha, what does that mean? and how do you know if you have fulfilled it?

D: Hmm, I basically wanted to take a step away from certain things and look forward to certain other things!

M: That is pretty deep Dharmaraj, but I don’t think thats a resolution. *Quickly pulls out her phone and searches the definition of resolution* — aha! A resolution is “a firm decision to do or not to do something.”

M: I usually set very goal oriented resolutions, last year I wanted to read 6 books, regularly play 1 sport, learn 1 new thing…

G: Haha, Maniti that is so specific. I think resolutions are more about determining to bring out a positive change in yourself.

M: Well that is true in terms of intention, but people rarely stick to their resolutions.

D: Mark Zuckerberg actually has a very interesting take on resolutions. He usually dedicates each year to something. For e.g. “A year of travel” or a “A year of running”

G: That is such a good idea I know 2017 is going to be my “A year of writing”

M: Thats awesome! What about you Dharmaraj…

D: Hmm, I think my resolution is going to be to have more specific resolutions.

G, M: Haha, we think that would be a good start!

Every New Year when the clock strikes twelve, we take it as a chance to revisit ourselves, our aspirations and our goals. We re-determine each year that we will change, that we will fulfil our goals, and we will try something bold. Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions in the hope to improve or better some part of themselves. At ConnectFor we hope that one of your many New Year’s resolutions is to volunteer and not only help yourself but also help someone else achieve his or her goals.

Wishing all our readers and volunteers a Very Happy New Year!

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