As a child, I used to believe that the manner in which you spend the first day of a new year would set the tone for that year. I would not to cry or fall down on January 1st, every year. As if a simple stumble on this auspicious day would mean that I would be fated to spend the year repeatedly getting injured. As if no matter how hard I tried to correct my life after January 1, it just would not.

Well, now I’m all grown up and I believe in resolutions and change. I genuinely think that people can change if they want to, and I think that not all New Year resolutions break. If there’s something you’ve been meaning to do for a while but just have not got around to it, there’s no better time than the renewed optimism of the New Year. I know that I have been wanting to write more regularly, for the last few months. This year, this week is when I’m planning to start.

If you’re like many of my friends and you’ve been meaning to do some social service, something to give back to society, then here’s your chance. Sign up on and volunteer with an NGO of your choice today!

Now, anyone who knows me even a little bit is aware of the fact that I am obsessed with words that bring clarity to my emotions, often in the form of poetry and quotes. Here is one of my favorite quotes of all time about the concept of “New Year, New You”. I thought it would be the most appropriate conclusion to this post.

“I believe in intention and I believe in work. I believe in waking up in the middle of the night and packing our bags and leaving our worst selves for our better ones”.

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An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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