My Summer Internship At ConnectFor

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The thought of interning for the summer hadn’t even crossed my mind until my mother suggested it to me. She said it would be a productive, helpful way to spend my time, instead of wallowing in boredom. Not much later, my first week at ConnectFor began.

My task for the week was data entry. It was tedious and sometimes monotonous. Yet, I was learning new skills that I would not have come across in my everyday life. After all, I was fourteen and trying to fill in incomplete databases. With their encouraging attitudes, I managed to pass that hurdle with flying colours.

The week after that, I learnt the importance of marketing. I spent a lot of time researching how different brands in the social space have communicated their work, and how to increase visibility and outreach. I then got to conduct a benchmarking exercise on the same, which I felt really proud of, especially when I realized how valuable it would be! Besides, I got to spend the week trawling through Instagram & Facebook. Which millenial is going to complain about an internship like that?

In my third week, they started to really challenge me. I felt like Sherlock trying to complete information profiles on our NGOs so that everyone could easily ready and access them. This was tough as there were approximately 200 NGOs. I finally finished, satiated and was ready for the final week of my internship.

My last week was the peak of my efficiency. I gathered more information about our NGOs for expansion and business development. It was surprisingly interesting and enjoyable.

One of my favourite tasks was creating a layout for NGOs. Not only did it help ConnectFor, but it also helped me learn more about the countless NGOs scattered across the city. I didn’t have a clue about the extent of which people were trying help Mumbai!

ConnectFor is a good organization to work during your first internship. It gave me unique insight into how startups competed with giants. It also showed me the behind the scenes work of a not-for-profit, which few people get.

I find that the thriving atmosphere of the workplace made my efficiency increase tenfold. This was disparate from what I had imagined. It was relaxed, without any office politics, and everyone did their job well. Lunchtime discussions were intriguing, enjoyable, intelligent and witty. I understood the value of surrounding yourself with positive, productive people, and how it affected your work ethic. It was an amazing internship experience, and I am grateful to the team for making it so.

Written by Khushi Vora — ConnectFor’s youngest intern, who similar to her mother, Amisha Vora, has her way around excel sheets and despite being so young, has mastered her role as an intern at ConnectFor.

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