My Story: Jatin Kukreja’s Journey From Being a Volunteer to an Employee of Toybank

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Well, it all started 9 years ago. Growing up, I was introduced to a dark side of this world, which was basically human made. I used to notice people going through difficult circumstances, however I was helpless and unable to do something for these people. As I grew older I made a decision to dedicate my life to people around me, by giving a helping hand to them. There are so many out there that have the resources and skills to help those who are unfortunate, but are too busy with problems of their own.

All these reasons led me to consider trying to make a difference through volunteering. Until I completed my HSC I wasn’t completely sure about my future career plans and dived into volunteering for non profits, which eventually became a passion.

Three and a half years ago I was working with a corporate, JustDial. I was proud to be working at a company which had a proper CSR program in place, and I successfully participated in all their CSR activities while I worked there. But then again my career at JustDial was not a long-term plan.

I always dreamed of turning my volunteering passion into a full-time job. I was rejected every time attributed to having a corporate background. These failures made me stronger than I ever was. And I continued volunteering. But apart from CSR events I never felt satisfied.

Helping others gives me immense joy and satisfaction, and even more so when people appreciate the effort I put into their lives.

For this reason I used to visit different NGO websites and fill up their volunteering form to engage in a volunteering opportunity. Unfortunately enough it was difficult to find the right volunteering opportunity due to my work hours.

Then one day, I happened to come across a few volunteering platforms, like iVolunteer and ConnectFor, that helped eager volunteers like me find the right volunteering opportunity. My association with iVolunteer did not last long. But I should admit, ConnectFor happened to me in a perfect time and way when they helped me land my dream job by helping me find an opportunity based on my skill set and interests — they connected me to Toybank for a volunteering event at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2017 for, and through this match I landed a Volunteer Management role with Toybank.

To me it made no sense to work for a large corporate organization just living to pay my bills and fulfil my responsibilities.

I believe if even one person can take a step towards the betterment of society, we can make this planet a much better place than it is now.

-Jatin Kukreja — Volunteer Management Head at Toybank

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