Movie Review: Before The Flood

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I have been wanting to write this for a really long time. Long enough for a lot of words to escape me and leave scars as they do when they die an untimely death. And I know that most of them won’t heal. Not yet.

I recently watched Before the Flood — a documentary on climate change and what we must do about it by National Geographic and Leonardo DiCaprio. Twice. And both have inflicted deep scars on me. In fact, the second time around, it felt like that bad dream you want to forget, but it comes back haunting right at you and all I did was stare at it with cold sweat. And tears.

It wasn’t just the painful scenes of drought (and floods), the glorious icebergs silently melting away to death, the animals whose screeches faded into nothingness or being guilty of the everyday torture we subject the planet to because of our choices, but it was the sheer apathy towards doing something about it.

I tried thinking really hard — what statistic, visual imagery or words can I use to put this out there, for us to do something about it. Anything. And I failed.

Just like the war we are fighting against nature. A battle we are least equipped for, one which is bound to consume and destroy us completely, one we shouldn’t be fighting at all. And it’s fascinating that we still keep at it, working harder, towards our own end.

The only thing I know is, in the future, when I look into my daughter’s (yes) eyes, I want to be able to tell her that I put up a good fight for her. By not fighting at all.

What has she done to not deserve a home, the mountains, the river, the wind, the birds and animals, her story, a life?

And all I hope is she doesn’t look back into mine and tell me “But Papa, you killed it anyway.”

Life is all but choices we make and the ones we don’t. Know more about the film and the choices you can/not make to do something about climate change (also, you Mr. Trump):

#CFMember Dharmaraj Solanki shares his thoughts on ‘Before The Flood’.

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