Message from the Founders — June’21

Hello, readers!

Martin Luther King very rightly said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” These trying times have tested the best of us. There have been heart-wrenching losses and a blanket of grief that somehow seems to have engulfed India.

Therefore, it is now more than ever that we as part of the entire human race, need to collectively give back to our own kind, altruistically and with great intent. While many around us are supporting fundraisers to procure life-supporting equipment and ensure a constant influx of supplies at hospitals, ConnectFor strongly encourages individuals to donate in-kind through volunteering to assist many of the nonprofits, social enterprises and volunteer-led movements across the country.

We have collaborated with some organizations who have been doing some incredible work for Covid Relief, to extend our assistance to them with the help of our 25,000+ volunteer communities.

We truly believe that our key stakeholders i.e our corporate organizations would be able to add their invaluable time and efforts in providing assistance, within personal capacities, to the strata of societies that need urgent help and care.

We recommend you to mobilize employees within your organization to extend their times & skills towards making a difference when our country needs it the most! To know more about how you can be a part of Covid Relief Opportunities, please reach out to us.

Meanwhile, stay healthy and keep your spirits high!


Shloka Ambani & Maniti Shah

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