Message from the Founders

Hello, readers!

We are excited to be in touch with you again. We hope everyone is keeping safe. As we reach the end of the year, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to be a part of ConnectFor VolunCheer — a celebration as we turn 5 on December 5.

ConnectFor will play host to a LIVE entertainment evening for our dedicated pool of volunteers who have successfully completed 15 volunteering hours before November 30. The show will house a stand-up comedian, a mandolin player and a flautist. We truly look forward to seeing you there!

This year has seen many ups and downs with the dark loom of the pandemic clouds still hovering over us. ConnectFor’s shift to Virtual Volunteering, although challenging, ended up being one of our most promising years. We successfully implemented many new projects that led us to our ultimate goal of generating impact for our NGO Partners by providing them with volunteers.

We are feeling positive and truly believe that this is the onset to many new volunteering projects and new partnerships for us. Thank you for supporting our initiatives and being a part of our journey.


Shloka Ambani & Maniti Shah

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