Mahesh Tikke’s Story — From An Aspiring To A Full-Time Graphic Designer

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Mahesh Tikke — A full-time designer at Schbang

About a year ago, in association with Schbang (an advertising agency in Mumbai) ConnectFor set out on a mission to find underprivileged youth & skill them in Graphic Design for free with the help of the skilled Designers at Schbang. The end goal of the program was to prepare 20 students to find a job in the Graphic Design world.

The passion-driven, Mahesh Tikke, a boy from last year’s batch (from Antarang Foundation), took his passion for design seriously and applied for this program not even knowing what was waiting in store for him. Mahesh was able to learn various skills & softwares during the course of this program, adding to his design knowledge. He managed to not only complete the program successfully but also landed a job at Schbang itself & he’s now a full-time Graphic Designer there, working with some of the most powerful brands in India.

He served as an inspiration not only to aspiring designers, but also to both ConnectFor & Schbang. Training even 1 such student to the best of our ability resulted in a successful kickstart to his career. With this inspiration in mind, this year we’re back for Round 2 of the Schbang Design Program & aim to train 40 such design enthusiasts in Mumbai. We do not only want to prepare these individuals for the real world but will also help them find employment basis their performance & ability.

An amazing opportunity like this one doesn’t come around as often. So if you know any deserving person or people who can make the most of this opportunity (house help’s kids, office peon, NGOs who work with you etc.) please do reach out to us at or give us a call on +7977347851. For more information on what ConnectFor does, visit

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