Inspiring Stories by CF Volunteers

Over the past 16 months ConnectFor has seen many changes; to the team, the processes & the service offerings. But, what hasn’t changed, is our will to connect, to connect volunteers & NGOs, and to bring about a volunteering culture in India.

What has come out of the tireless efforts by our team, are great amounts of contribution, by some of our CF volunteers, and their awe-inspiring stories, which we would like to bring to light again and share with you. Here are 3 of our favourite ones:

  1. Firoz Berly

A representative from the NGO had the following to say: ‘Firoz was able to gather donations from his colleagues & buy new football shoes for the 14 boys he coaches. We are very grateful to have someone with so much enthusiasm and compassion volunteer with us!’

Firoz shares his invaluable experience & it’s times like these that makes us realize, even the slightest bit of help can make the biggest of differences. “I got an opportunity to become a football coach at a shelter home in Mankhurd, Bombay. It has been around 4 months since I have started coaching these kids and it has been a deeply profound and humbling experience. I was in office, surfing through the internet for some volunteering opportunities, when I came across ConnectFor. I uploaded my skills and interests on the site & received a prompt response from one of the members. They connected me with the shelter home & within a couple of weeks, I started coaching.”

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#CFVolunteer, Firoz Berly, was connected to the Sahaara Charitable Society.

2. Meher Mirza

Deepali Vandana, the Managing Trustee of Urja, wrote to Meher: ‘Saying the word thank you wouldn’t be enough for your extensive amount of contribution in developing the content. The whole team is truly amazed by your writing skills and the efforts you’ve put in.’

Meher replies to the same: ‘Thank YOU for doing the wonderful work you do! I am just happy I could make even a small difference. Looking forward to the website!! Soon Urja will be a star NGO!!’

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#CFVolunteer, Meher Mirza, was interested in remote volunteering due to a leg injury.

3. Neville Dalal

Neville shares his giving experiences, with us, as he was growing up.

“I was born with a a leg deformity and to correct it I had to undergo 2 surgeries, one within a few months from birth and the other when I was 10 years old. For a complete recovery I had to be given some blood. As a kid I did not realise how precious blood was so once I grew up and realised its importance I decided to at least give back what I had taken. Giving blood isn’t a sweet experience for me, as far as my health is concerned, so I decided to give back to society through contributing my time.

As a child I contributed towards funds in helpage India but my real break into social work came when I became a volunteer with a campaign called RISE which was organised by college students across Mumbai. The event comprised of rallies and interactions with pedestrians across various parts of the city. We focussed on women empowerment and safety. The event was conducted on completion of 1 year from the Nirbhaya rape case in Delhi. This event gave me a great sense of fulfilment.

With commitment towards education I had to give social work a break. Now that I have completed my studies I want to get back to contributing towards society.”

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Neville Dalal joined us at the Date with Dogs event last month and it was great to see him interact and play with the dogs at the Thane SPCA rescue centre.

To turn your volunteering efforts into a success story, sign up to our platform here & start volunteering.

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