Are you born good?

I always wondered if some people were born with more goodness in their hearts than others. Or is it that we all have the same level of goodness but it is buried deep underneath our aspirations, ambitions and materialistic wants?

So how does this goodness resurface? This is my take on it. When people age, and start ticking off the checkboxes when they put up on each step of their life’s ladder, they start discovering that their wants have decreased and their need to give back to the society has finally surfaced.

I read about this phenomenon called ‘survivor guilt’ which does strike people who finally realize that they led a very good life compared to everyone around them, especially in a country like India and a city like Mumbai. This is when they get out of the “I want spiral” to “what I can give back”mode.

When I read an article about how a couple decided to turn their tragedy into an opportunity to do some good for the society and honour their son’s memory, ( I was left wondering if we all need to be shaken up to that level, to be able to do good.

And on the other hand, due to the work we do at ConnectFor, I regularly come across stories of passionate people who have devoted their whole lives just for the upliftment of the underprivileged or the vulnerable sections of society. There is a retired service officer who still has the honourable thought that he needs to give back to society (even after years of selfless service to his country) and has started an NGO in Karjat for this purpose at the age of 75!

One of our volunteers holds a proper 9 to 5 desk job and then leaves office to offer free tuition to a girl child we connected him for a weekend teaching assignment. He figured out that the weekend tutoring wasn’t enough and started teaching on weekdays too (You will get to read about his story in one of our future volunteer stories)!

And while I do look at our partner NGOs and volunteers for inspiration, we have enough people on our team to provide it too! One of our team members is this young guy, who turned his back on cushy well-paying engineering jobs, to work with us and is a real do-gooder, spreading happiness and delight with his down to earth demeanour.

So while some people are born with more goodness in their heart, there is hope for others like me, who realize quite late in life, that we all need to do our bit to give back to society.

So shed off some load and release that goodness which lies below and let it shine through!

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Amisha Vora is a member of the ConnectFor Team who made her C.A. shed copious tears when she decided to sign a contract with ConnectFor

An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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