India Today: Why Volunteering is more relevant than ever before!

It was just another pandemic-infested day and you are sifting through the newspaper while sipping your morning coffee. You couldn’t help but murmur faint disapprovals and shake your head from time to time as you read through bad news that goes from the ground to the gutter. Forget work and the weather, corruption, hunger and environmental facets have taken over your small talk Banter. You think you would be better and you would be the one to take a step and do something about it, but you are stuck and you don’t know what you could do to make things better. I mean, what is a small action on your part gonna do for the city or the country, right? Wrong! Every little step counts.

If you are someone who wants to be part of the change, a minuscule revolution breathing into life, then volunteering might just be the thing for you. Why Volunteer? Because when you help another, you help yourself.

Our Country, just like any other developing nation, in midst of a global crisis, is struggling to fend for its inhabitants, on more than one level. While the service industry is handing out pink slips like jalebis, farmers are camped out on roads and daily wage workers have lost livelihood, help is now essential more than ever.

How do you do it? You could sign up with government accredited NGOs, working towards these causes. You could do it at a touch of a button online, or walk into any of their branches to know more. If distance and travel are blocking your will to contribute, you could even volunteer your time digitally. Yes, you heard me right! They say true character comes out in the toughest of times. Let us stand strong and take a step to uplift ourselves and our communities.

Check out these volunteering opportunities with different NGOs working during the second wave of Covid.

Volunteer and help guide patients navigate this illness, understand the treatment and help save their lives, validate and verify different resources.
Help us amplify this and be a part of the movement.

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