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As we all know, Mothers have a very special place in the hearts of kids. What makes a good mother? It is a pertinent question which cannot be defined in just a few words. Mothers comprise of a bundle of emotions that sometimes cannot be defined. So here is a little something for all the mothers who have stayed up all night with their kids in their arms, constantly uttering those compassionate words, “It’s OK Honey, Mommy is here.”

A mother is like a security blanket - she always puts her childrens needs before hers and try help solving their difficulties.

A ‘Mother’s Day’ Programme was celebrated at The Kanchan Foundation, with the intention of showing love and respect and, to let all the Mothers know how much we children appreciate them.

When the day began, I was completely confused with the following questions:
1. How would the programme start?
2. Would we be able to please all the mothers that attended, with the activities the foundation had planned for them?

When I reached office, the very first thing I saw, were all the excited children ready to execute all the activities they had planned for the Mothers Day Celebration. It was an enthusiastic environment and it made my day. Watching these lovely kids dress up in such a beautiful manner melted my heart. The Foundation took up many rehearsals to ensure the programme was done in the right manner.

The programme started off with a warm welcome by all the children to their mothers, along with volunteers. Flowers were showered at the beginning during the welcome session. Later, a few snacks and cold-drinks were served. The children got so involved with work, assigned by volunteers, and seeing this made me feel so grateful to be working with such beneficiaries. The volunteers were also encourage by their seniors and they played a fantastic role in the programme.

Well then, later the programme involved an activity where the children had to prepare a few poems, speeches and skits for their hardworking mothers. This made every mother cry and made every individual appreciate their mothers who face day to day tough challenges yet, try to give us the best.

My seniors, almost like mothers to me, have treated me like their own daughter and have supported and motivated me till date. I am thankful to all of them. It’s because of them, I can manage work at the NGO and learn something unique everyday.

Last but not the least, Mothers are nurturers and custodians of their kids and families. It’s my request to all individuals in the society, make your mother feel special not only during this occasion but every single day. A Mother are irreplaceable - she is always soft and patient and her heart is like a rare jewel. My experience at The Kanchan Foundation is great and I feel blessed to be working with the foundation. They have given me the opportunity to come up with my own views and opinions and, work with children which gives me immesnse happiness and satisfaction of doing something good for the society.

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