Happiness is the journey, not the destination

The little child in me never grew up. She never got tired of reading comic books or enjoying the world of super heroes. She never stopped experiencing the sense of wonder or happiness when good beat evil. The hero always managed to save the day. Knowing this, I could keep the comic book down with a feeling of happiness and the certainty that all things were right with this world. As I grew up, I started to realize the world was not black and white but 50 shades of grey, started to understand that Batman was more realistic in the Dark Knight series than the Batman movies I saw earlier. While purists bemoan the books being made into movies and TV serials, these have opened up my world further linking all these characters and their stories into one marvelous universal world!

One common thread that runs across the various character storylines is that the protagonists are committed to fighting evil and saving innocent citizens from the clutches of the villains. They come to the crime scene uninvited, are hidden in the shadows. They whisk away the victim to safety or fight and disappear as soon as they know that the victim is safe. They do not wait for a big hug or a note of appreciation. They simply do what they are meant to do — be a hero.

In today’s world, I would say that this required more than ever. Forget actual crimes like robbery or kidnapping or shooting — there are bigger issues to tackle, like poverty, hunger, unemployment, disease, loneliness, depression and the people are weary and tired of fighting all these on a day to day basis. There are some people who do not have to worry about these basic issues but their day goes by without even one family member or friend connecting with them or lending them an ear or listening to their woes. The world needs heroes and at the very basic level, a lot of kindness and empathy from other human beings. While we cannot wave a magic wand to make their trouble disappear or come down from the sky and fight their demons of poverty and hunger, we all can do a little bit to make their day a happy day. We, at ConnectFor, have decided to start a campaign to generate a hundred thousand smiles through random acts of kindness. All one needs to do is to get out of the self absorbed bubble of daily life and look around. You will see so many people around you — family, friends and strangers all would-be recipients of your kindness and in a way that surprises them as it was least expected. Watch them smile and walk away content that you just did your bit as a hero today!

Any and every individual who has a social media account (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) can take the #100KSmiles Challenge. You can be nominated to take it, or you can decide to take it off your own accord, spread it forward in your community. It is a social media movement that aims to get 100,000 people to share 100,000 photos of random acts of kindness that they have performed.

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