From A Future Civil Servant

I’m a Civil Services aspirant, and I love working for the society. After cracking UPSC, I’ll work for society as a Civil Servant. That’s my goal for one day. But I thought why should I wait until I crack the exam? I can start working for society from this minute onwards.

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I have holidays on weekends so I thought I must channelize my energy and time into some good social work rather than wasting it by spending more time on social media.

Our government implements a large number of policies and schemes in every sector but due to gaps in implementation, no real output is observed on ground level.

NGOs, on the other hand, work at a grassroots level which provides the right type of direct interaction with people from different strata of society. I realized that working with various NGOs would broaden my perspective on our economy and therefore, make me a stronger civil servant one day. I started working with different NGOs which work for different causes like Children, Education, Hygiene, Social Welfare, etc. which provided me with the skill set and opportunity to examine society at a deeper level. In addition, it helped me improve my interpersonal skills as well.

My journey consisted of different NGOs like Upasana, MAD, Mumbai First, Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust and ToyBank. It helped me not only to become a good citizen but also to overcome barriers in my personal life.

Above all, this was only possible because of a little technology platform called ConnectFor. Connect For helped me connect with NGOs which work for noble causes, and they helped pave a great path for me to utilize my time in a way that benefits everyone around me.

A dedicated #CFVolunteer and future civil servant, Krishna Phutane, shares his giving journey.

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