Employee Engagement through Volunteering

Research shows that employees are the happiest and most likely to stick at companies that are not only innovative and unique but also align with their personal values and growth. Companies give the opportunity for growth and development, cultivate and encourage collaboration, teamwork, and foster an environment where employees feel inspired and determined to be the best they can be. And Volunteering for that matter has been the most effective.

What are the benefits?

  1. Organizing group days of service provides employees an opportunity to work together and get to know each other outside the offices or the workplace.
  2. When it comes to volunteering activities, there’s no sort of corporate hierarchy. Activities, like volunteering at a homeless shelter or filling after school snack bags for low-income children, allows employees from different departments and different levels of seniority the chance to share experiences together and interact with each other on a more personal level, which results in stronger relationships when they come back to the offices or workplace.
  3. Furthermore, good pay and benefits are no longer the only things that attract quality employees to an organization. In other words, newly hired employees are asking about a company’s corporate social responsibility vs their pay or benefits.
  4. Once an organization acquires high qualified employees, it takes effort to retain them. Highly-skilled employees thrive for opportunities to learn and utilize their skills outside of their daily routines. We know that everyone benefits from gaining communication skills, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills.
  5. These all come in play when volunteers are volunteering at an event. Volunteering can also present a great opportunity for employees to take a leadership role and network!

What I am trying to say is that employees who are inspired and engaged are happy employees, and this shows in the work that they bring to the table. But with all this said, it’s imperative for a company to develop a strong company culture and increase employee engagements. So, what’s better for a company than to team up with an NGO to help create this culture?

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ConnectFor brings you that culture. We at ConnectFor want to instill that same passion and volunteerism among workforces. We partner with socially conscious organizations like DBS, Kamani Foods, MTC, and many more to create impactful collaborations that provide support and create value. Here are a few of the many activities that we partake in with the above-mentioned companies:

  • We organize a diverse range of one-day events to engage corporate employees by participating in relevant community service that helps the employees develop team skills.
  • We collaborate with various NGOs and cause areas (education, literacy, environment) to help create awareness of such issues.
  • We create an experience based on your needs! In other words, if the employees at your company are interested in volunteering with animals, we will make this happen! Our programs are inclusive of today’s diverse workforce and provide volunteering and giving opportunities that align with the employees’ environment and schedules.
  • We create experiences to build your self-awareness and confidence. We believe that you don’t feel great by just volunteering. Your volunteering experiences directly affect decision-making, coordination, and conflict management.
  • Lastly, building experiences like these help build collaboration amongst team members, something that is very important in the workplace.

ConnectFor structures its volunteering events in a way that all of these above-mentioned possibilities are applicable. Based on our previous engagements, we have received such positive feedback that we don’t want to stop building positivity amongst your company! So, if you are looking for CSR solutions, feel free to contact us for more details! You can call us on +91 79773 47851/ +91 89282 81214 or email us at contact@connectfor.org to learn more!

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