Date with Dogs at Thane SPCA

His eyes were sparkling like freshly polished diamonds. The curve on his face was bracketed with a soft pink that gleamed. Why was he so happy?

Would you believe me if I told you that it was because he was telling us about his work? We listened, captivated by his passion, as he walked us through how they rescued animals both stray and wild. And how the facility provided resources for their amelioration.

We were told of all the rare birds that could never go back out in the wild because someone decided to break the law and domesticate a beautiful Kite. And the sad tale of Chandramukhi who’s mouth had been sliced open by a butchers wrath, or how a beautiful owl was scared to find a dark corner for himself because his wing was chipped by the strength of a Manja glazed with glass. And that time a young couple locked their dog in inhumane conditions and left the country for ever. Each story more gloomy to hear than the pervious, as if competing for an award in cruelty.

But his faced gleamed.

It glowed, because amidst all of the daily incidents of callousness, they had successfully created a place where there was nothing but warmth to offer. The Thane SPCA Animal Care Centre plot may not have been humungous but it was swollen with consideration, protection and love. It was hard to miss how exceedingly invested each member of their association were, the sense of responsibility they carried and the compassion they showed for the animals who had been through adversities.

We entered the gates to be welcomed by smiling faces of the ConnectFor Team. Surrounded by a bubble of greenery we were guided around the facility. A wagging tail following us at close proximity. You turn and look down at the rotund fur with hind feet, and it looks back at you with hopeful eyes. And just like that, you’ve made a new friend — Helen. Mrs. Irani, their head care taker named her Helen because this old but enthusiastic dog is always prancing around.

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Helen enjoying some lov’in and pett’in

It was awe-inspiring to see how much affection there was in the air, and then still some more left to go around. There was a fondness in their interactions with the animals and a kind of an enthusiasm when they spoke about them. We couldn’t help but retaliate with a big smile.

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Mrs. Irani with Mr. Fox, smothering the cute little pup

When you enter the animal hospital or care center as they like to call it, the first thing that you encounter on your right is the place all the cats are kept. Next to that is the enclosure where the wild birds rest. The cats, and dogs, once better from their ailment are put up for adoption. While the wild animals and birds when are healthy enough to fend for themselves are sent back into the open. Unfortunately though, the ones that had been domesticated are destined to spend their lives in confinement. There is a small water tank in the heart of the plot where the Turtles relax and swim. Towards the right there was accommodation for their Dear Donkey and a few hurt birds. It was a great day as we befriended one animal after the other. And I would definitely recommend that you go too.

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Me going, “Awww, so babu!”

If you do end up going to Thane SPCA to befriend those lovely creatures, would you please pass my love along to Helen? It won’t be hard. She’ll be right there to greet you at the gate, wagging her tail in hopes of a pat on her beautiful cream fur.

Volunteers had a great time accompanying the #CFTeam at the Date with Dogs event that ConnectFor hosted on the 18th February, at the Thane SPCA rescue centre. #CFVolunteer, Priyanka Kamdar, had a great time playing with the dogs, engaging in the animal welfare session and listening to the stories that led the animals to being admitted at Thane SPCA

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