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Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals — they are both essential ingredients for long-term success — William Clay Ford Jr.

ConnectFor is where cause meets passion meets impact.

ConnectFor (CF) has been working in the integral space of corporate philanthropy, helping organisations fulfill their corporate social responsibility (CSR) requirements along with instilling the value of volunteerism among work forces. CF looks to partner with socially conscious organisations to create impactful collaborations that provide support and create value for our stakeholders in the non-profit space.

CF plays the role of providing tailored solutions and programs to corporates, to enhance social value through touching lives of beneficiaries and sensitizing corporate volunteers towards various chronic problems our country is facing. We identify credible NGO partners, assess the needs of the corporates, identify and evaluate implementation partners, ideate and execute employee
engagement activities along with monitoring, reporting and evaluating impact.

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The CF team helps the corporate organise a diverse range of one-day, one-time events to engage corporate employees through participating in relevant community service as well as to develop team skills for corporate groups. These are conducted in association with different NGOs and cause areas (for example: education & literacy, environment etc.) as per the request of the corporate. Although the events are typically one-day engagements, longer engagements can be arranged based on a specific brief. The nature of the event can be skill agnostic or designed including skill building activities. CF will work with the corporate on ideation, planning and execution of these events on a need basis, based on a brief provided by the corporate.

The CF team ensures a seamless end to end experience for social engagement activities by using its expertise and experience in volunteer management and employee engagement. Using ConnectFor’s even growing network of NGO partners, the team will be able to ensure and conduct high impact planning and execution for a variety of activity briefs.

Much to ConnectFor’s delight, positive feedback was received from 96% of corporate volunteers and the total value generated for the corporate sector was INR 13,03,300. Beneficiaries too reported positive outcomes. CF thus managed to touch lives of more than 1000 beneficiaries through our corporate engagement efforts to date.

Banking Goodwill:
CF organised an event for corporate employees of a bank to engage with specially-abled adults from Mann- Centre for Individuals with Special Needs, a non-profit that aims to help develop independence and employability in individuals with mental retardation, autism, down syndrome, learning disabilities and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The employees spent considerable time with the Mann beneficiaries and engaged in creating and decorating products/merchandise with them such as envelopes, coasters and tablemats. Each employee interacted one-on-one with one or more benefeciaries. The volunteers were so moved by the beneficiaries innocence and unadulterated happiness in the small things of life, that they came together and donated a sum of their salary for covering all the expenses for one beneficiary for one quarter.

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Creating Shining Stars:
CF organised a 6-month volunteering programme for employees from Diamond Technology Solutions(DTS). Through a series of computer literacy workshops for underprivileged girls conducted by DTS employees, 12 girls (aged 12–17 years) from The Gyanada Foundation (which works towards education of the girl child) were trained in computer literacy and were taught how to use Scratch, a programming software. Despite being a long-term programme, the DTS employees remained fully engaged and dedicatedly devoted their time and effort to provide the much-needed life skills to the girls, which would help them earn a livelihood independently in the future.

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ConnectFor received very positive feedback on the execution and management of these engagements.

So, if you are a Corporate looking for CSR solutions we are here. Contact us for more details!

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