Connections While Connecting

A few months into my experience, working at ConnectFor I realised the kind of impact it has on people and the world. I only needed to be reassured and Simran was just that, she came into my life through a terrible mistake I had make, connecting her to the wrong NGO but luckily over our first conversation, we exchanged numbers and started connecting right away. That made it easier for me to clarify the mistake and we continued to have a good laugh.

Shortly after she had started her internship, I was eager to meet her and invited her to the Clean Mumbai Foundation event about Waste Management in Ward A. She traveled miles to be there and it meant a lot to me. After the event we had a lovely conversation and I realised why I love
my job at ConnectFor, engaging and connecting people on a daily basics feels better now that I see how gracefully and seamlessly Simran was able to fulfil her duties as a volunteer/intern at Kanchan Foundation. I do believe Simran had a lovely time teaching the children and continues to be a loyal volunteer to ConnectFor.

I had no doubt that I would come across people with such big hearts and open arms but I didn’t think it would happen so soon and so beautifully. I’m so grateful to Simran for reassuring my interest in making a difference and helping people do the same. We encourage more people to take time out of their busy, fast pace lives to spend their time and energy with people who require it and would be deeply thankful for it.

I’m proud to say that I have made a lifelong friend :)

Written by Manna Kanuga — Operations & Outreach Associate at ConnectFor — who has gone above and beyond her role of connecting volunteers and NGOs.

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