ConnectFor Tri-City Beautification - We turn 3!

Three years is an exciting milestone which we would not have been able to achieve without our devoted founders Shloka Mehta and Maniti Modi. ConnectFor’s journey began when our founders were modeling an idea that provided an accessible platform to engage with the volunteering community.

They were able to move forward with ConnectFor’s launch in 2015 on the hopes to build an online volunteering platform that connects individuals to various NGO’s and corporate organizations across the nation.

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Meet Our Founders.

In 2018, they led ConnectFor to demonstrate the value of human resources for non-profit organizations and/or corporate organizations, by creating high-value matches based on an organization’s needs, and an individual’s time, skills, and interests. After three years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, ConnectFor is proud to be in three progressive cities: Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune.

To commemorate ConnectFor’s 3rd birthday we are giving back to our host cities by hosting beautification campaign across Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune on December 9, 2018, from 9:30am-1:00 pm. We would love for you to be part of this celebration!

We strongly believe that communities are meant to create connections, opportunities, and a sense of belonging. A city beautification campaign is a great way to build thriving communities as volunteers work together towards achieving a common goal. We want our volunteers to come together to create an enriching and vibrant space for each individual of the community.

In Mumbai, we will be collaborating with local railway authorities to paint a railway station. In Bengaluru, we will be working to uplift a public garden, and in Pune, we will be working towards uplifting the main road. Volunteers are encouraged to bring along their friends and family members and work together to create a better environment.

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Join us in this Campaign!

To RSVP, please click on the links given below:

For Mumbai:

For Bengaluru:

For Pune:

Click on a link {for the city that works best for you} and come, volunteer!

ConnectFor is looking forward to celebrating its third birthday with all of you! Our volunteers have been integral to our growth and success. We have just a few spots left so we encourage you to sign up as soon as you can!.

If you cannot attend this event but would like to donate to raise funds for the event, you can support by donating on this link —

For further event details click here

Happy Volunteering!

An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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