ConnectFor Expands in Delhi and Ahmedabad!

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You guessed it right! ConnectFor is now expanding its operations to 2 new cities, Delhi and Ahmedabad. With this expansion, we aim to demonstrate the value of the human resource for non-profit organizations, by creating high-value matches based on an organization’s needs, and an individual’s time and skills.

We, at ConnectFor, were often asked about volunteering opportunities in these two cities and have partnered with 20 NGOs in each of these cities so far, with more partnerships on the way!

But why Delhi and Ahmedabad?

Delhi has more than 350 NGOs, and as the political capital of India, the city has been witnessing a surge in social issues related to pollution, traffic, and grave gender inequality. A few of the volunteering opportunities that ConnectFor is proud to provide in Delhi includes the Wealth Foundation, Earth Saviours Foundation, and Save The Girl.

Similarly, Ahmedabad is facing a discrepancy in sectors of nourishment and hunger, river clean-ups, and education. ConnectFor’s approach to tackling these discrepancies is through volunteering for NGOs such as Robin Hood Army, Aasmaan Foundation, Datri, and Teach for India.

Ultimately, ConnectFor aims to address these issues and bridge the gap between NGOs and volunteers in these 2 new cities, making our mission come to life yet again: Cause meets passion meets impact.

Happy Volunteering, Delhi and Ahmedabad!

Find Opportunities to volunteer for in Delhi, Gurugram, and Noida here:

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Find Opportunities to volunteer for in Ahmedabad here:

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Find more volunteering opportunities on our platform —


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