“ConnectFor creates a Win-Win Situation” — Mallika’s Story

My dream job has always been to own a workspace where I can contribute to the society in a healthy and impactful way. ConnectFor has come across as a platform, a stepping-stone to reach closer to my dreams.

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Thanks to ConnectFor, I have got the chance to volunteer with 2 NGOs, Robin Hood Army and Welfare for Stray Dogs. Robin Hood Army is a volunteer based organization that works towards providing surplus food from restaurants to the less fortunate. As a volunteer, I got a chance to meet many dynamic people and listen to their life stories. I felt really connected and realized how there are so many humans out there who are lesser fortunate and who need our love and support. I look forward to the RHA Sunday meets to be able to see more smiling faces…to know more stories.

On the other hand, Welfare for Stray Dogs the second NGO I volunteered with is a Mumbai based organization working towards eradicating rabies and supporting the street dog population. This was the first time I was working for an organization dedicated towards animal welfare. I was assisting them with their garage sale where we sold stuff like books, comic sets, and antiques for cheap rates to gather funds for the NGO. Being part of these organizations has helped me open up as a person as I met people belonging to all walks of life and belonging to diverse backgrounds. There was something new to learn from each person as everyone put away their inhibitions to work towards a common cause.

According to me, the best part of ConnectFor is that it prioritizes each and every user and is able to fulfill all the demands even though there are people belonging to different backgrounds and are looking for opportunities, which will best fit them. ConnectFor creates a win-win situation for both parties, the partnering NGOs and the volunteers, as they customize the whole volunteering schedule of the person as per their convenience and the cause they would be specifically interested in and at the same time, providing NGOs with volunteers who will dedicate themselves fully towards the cause. My ConnectFor point of contact keeps me updated about the opportunities that I would be interest in and all I do is to just follow up!

Mallika is an 18 year old Business Management student, who spent her summer break in Bombay.

To find win-win volunteering opportunities for yourself, sign up now atwww.connectfor.org

An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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