Everyone knows that being a “Socially Responsible” organisation has its benefits. It is believed that a corporate that does CSR, benefits from an improved public image, increased media coverage, investor attraction and retention and greater employee satisfaction. India is one of the first countries that has mandated CSR for companies, still most companies are at a very nascent stage in implementing CSR practices. Most companies simply engage in CSR activities by making a donation of the necessary amount to a charity that they choose to support. But this is changing. The landscape of CSR is evolving within corporate organizations; more and more organisations want to involve their employees in the CSR initiatives they are carrying out. Not many organisations have dedicated foundations or teams that structure employee engagement activities around social work, that is where ConnectFor Corporates fits right in.

ConnectFor Corporates is a service offering designed to meet all of a corporate’s CSR needs, including employee engagement activities, events and reporting. As ConnectFor works with over a 115 NGOs across Mumbai, many of which have branches across India, we find ourselves in a suitable spot to help ideate, plan and execute employee engagement activities for a corporate with a non-profit. At ConnectFor we carry out a detailed KYC with each of our NGO partners and conduct a site visit to each NGO thus we can recommend the most suitable options for employee engagement activities. We understand that each organisation or team may have a different CSR mandate — they may care about different causes, the employees may have different skill sets, some organisations may want to carry out activities for skill building whilst some may want to simply expose their staff to social work and others may see this as a team building activity. At ConnectFor we understand what the needs of each organisation are and then offer customised solutions for employee engagement.

In the last one month, one of our Corporate partners had approached us to plan a one-day, one-time volunteering engagement for a team of 80 people at an NGO. The department heads wanted to work with under privileged children, they wanted their team to get a sense of the conditions these children live in and the lack of opportunity available to them. They also wanted to ensure that through the day their staff get sensitized to the realities around them but also engage in team building activities. ConnectFor’s Corporate engagement team identified an NGO that could accommodate 80+ people, worked with children from under privileged back grounds, and then planned a day-long session of meaningful activities for the employees and children at the NGO.

Some of the feedback that ConnectFor received was that “It was the best way to spend a Friday!” and “This one time volunteering experience has definitely motivated me to volunteer and give back more to the less privileged”. This simply showed us that through organisation or company driven initiatives we can create individual change makers in society, eventually making it #WinWinForACause.

An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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