Cause & Effect: Communicating For Impact

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In recent times, the importance of branding and communications has become more important than ever. Major brands and large corporations are using their resources to the best of their ability to implement best marketing practices. Unfortunately, most non-profits do not have this advantage, due to a lack of knowledge, resources and skills.

About a month ago, ConnectFor (along with other non-profits) attended a workshop hosted by the founders of Siriti India at Ministry of New, ’Cause & Effect’, to communicate the importance of branding and communications to non-profits. Since I handle ConnectFor’s social media and branding, it made sense for me to be the one to attend. The workshop kick-started with a presentation of two videos: The girl effect — The Clock is Ticking & ‘All That We Share’ (an ad by TV2 Denmark). The girl effect video stayed with me for many days after the workshop with its brilliant story-telling, animation and simplicity. ‘All That We Share’ made the ‘experiment’ seem genuine and fun to be a part of — rather than comparing and pointing out differences, they focused on similarities between people and spread a positive message.

Everyone who attended the workshop was split into 5 different groups. We were given an NGO each, for whom we had to create:
a) a brand positioning statement
b) a social media post

The positioning statement was meant to answer the following questions:
- Who is your audience?
- What service is your organization offering?
- What makes your offering different/unique to other organizations?

While most non-profit organizations are using social media to raise awareness and communicate their offerings, not all of them might be making the best use of their digital marketing. Here were a few tips shared with us:
- Post a positive image of the beneficiaries, which also communicates the service offering
- Create a catchy caption for the image, which is short and simple, and communicates the situation at the same time
- Use 1 hashtag unique to the event/campaign/image that helps the audience identify the content
- Use a few generic hashtags to make the content searchable on social media

The workshop ended with a brief discussion on photography — what works & does not work for brands & organizations:
- Setting: Presenting a situation in an unfamiliar way
- Showing a situation how it is, in its entirety
- Showing what a situation could be
- Unusual angles, but clean photography
- Not mis-communicating the situation

After a 4-hour workshop, NGOs left the room feeling more accomplished & knowledgeable in the subject area. Not only did all of us acquire new knowledge, but also met new people and organizations who are doing beautiful things to make a difference. We couldn’t thank Ministry of New & Siriti India enough to take out time to host a workshop with the aim of ‘communicating for impact’!

Written by #CFMember, Nikita Shah

An online volunteering platform that seeks to promote a culture of volunteering and maximize the human potential within the social sector.

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